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Call the Prayerline: Toll-Free: 1-866-610-4447
“…no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.” –Psalm 91:10


Faith has a good report. Faith Journalism has a miracle message against all odds but you have got to fight the good fight of faith, and by so doing resistance to the enemy’s bait of fear must be your strategy. The tactic you are to employ is “Speaking to a situation–command facts to bow down and obey God.” As a child of God, it is your birthright to fulfill God’s promise for your life. God’s will for you is that you beloved, prosper, and be in health, just as your soul prospers. God has not planned any defeats for you nor for any virus to take you off the earth. Therefore, speak to your mind, intellect, will, and emotions and declare your diplomatic immunity to any and every virus, as a child of God. And let the peace of God which passes all set your spirit alight. Thank Jesus that you are the healed, the blessed and highly favored of the Lord. Amen!

Home is where the heart is. And you’ll soon discover why your heart is with Dyonne if you haven’t already. We invite you to be part of our Diversity in Media Campaign to advance a culture of faith in Canada and beyond. The spirit of the Lord has anointed us to set the oppressed free on a quest to reach humanity and improve its spiritual condition through the power of digital storytelling on The Dyonne Lewis Show.

A 100% In-House and On–Location Production that is a socially enterprising operation for glorifying God, and healing humanity. Discussion and Faith Talk focus on concepts of personal potential, healing, overcoming trials, growing through a crisis, re-framing abuse and injustice, and turning a curse of life trauma into a blessing of enlightenment. Highlighting ancient scriptures, we touch on dividing a word of wisdom, a word of knowledge, signs, wonders and miracles.

…that’s what we are talking about. Almost nothing is off the table.

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What is your story? Why don’t you join Dyonne at the table and testify to God’s goodness and grace in your life? Intercultural and Interfaith dialogue give rise to harmony, inviting the Spirit of the Lord. And where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty for real change and real miracles. Join us in the Glory Realm.

Although known as a Toronto home girl, Dyonne has lived and studied in Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Kingston, Montreal and Trois-Rivieres.  Her unique faith broadcast and secular arts and entertainment background creates captivating discourses about self-actualization in a dog eat dog world.

Maybe “Dyonne” means daughter of heaven and earth.  Yes, indeed, our lovely lady is equally at home discussing concepts, ideas, and insights from both faith-based and secular perspectives.

Join Dyonne as the spirit of the Lord moves you, and push the needle of our collective consciousness forward.

  • Support our Diversity in Media 20/20 Vision Campaign
  • The Dyonne Lewis Show‘s new Multicultural Programming Initiative will tackle hot issues through across-the-country interviews that will address the Canadian government’s new national anti-racism approach that fosters interfaith and intercultural understanding between Canada’s diverse cultural and religious groups.
  • It undertakes a public outreach PSA Campaign: Diversity In Media 20/20 Vision
  • Live-digitally-recorded Interfaith/Intercultural Dialogue will release a groundswell of toxic lived-experiences to heal injustices and set a clear path forward.
  • Designed and delivered to engage Canadians on multiculturalism issues:

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The Dyonne Lewis Show is on a mission to fulfill The Great Commission and to create content that reflects the faces of people in our urban streets. If you like unpackaged storytellers, and Faith Talk that mainstream media cuts its eye at–you are invited to support The Dyonne Lewis Show with a donation by E-mail Funds Transfer: Dyonne@PhilLewis.net. Let’s make some noise to Glorify our Heavenly Father.

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We are leading the way with culturally stimulating conversations about faith and the meaning of life and the human spiritual condition.

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