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Digital Storytelling Evangelism is not just about good story ideas, it’s about going into production and bringing stories to life which bring glory to God by helping to level up one’s trust in the Lord, encourage hope, and educate in the tenets of the faith.

Dyonne Lewis — BA English [2000], Carleton University–Canada’s Capital University, also earned a Post-Graduate Certificate in Broadcast Journalism [2005] from Seneca@York University.


In association with its number one stakeholder [VisionTV], Liberty Media Productions is the [one-man-band] production facility, and boutique media not-for-profit business, behind the latest episodes in the current…

season of The Dyonne Lewis Show–shooting inspirational studio interviews “live” to P2 Card (with a multi-digital camera set up) in-house at Liberty Studio.  

As an executive producer and writer, Dyonne has always been enthralled by stories that have a visceral appeal and which celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit to rise to the occasion when it comes to difficult or embattled situations. 

Practicing as a Minister of the Gospel herself, Dyonne embraced theology studies at a Christian College and was ordained, as the co-founding pastor of World Evangelism Church.  

She flowed in the gifts of the spirit with tangible signs for years.  Then a series of critical events convicted her to approach her “life’s work” differently: so she left

behind full-time ministry, including televangelism, pastoral counseling and being a prayer partner on the ministry’s national toll-free prayer line.

In 2013 it became clear to Dyonne that she could be an effective vessel to facilitate “healing”–through storytelling–with a national daily talk show.

Dee, as she is known to close friends, had pursued a broad liberal arts education, with courses in Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Art History, English Literature, French, and Theatre Workshop (to name a few).  

Her early abiding interests in Women’s Studies, Psychology and Sociology would remain strong as she re-invented herself and embarked in a new direction.

A post-graduate certificate program in Broadcast Journalism satisfied her desire to gain greater practical hands-on knowledge in television than she received in High School when she had majored in TV production as a teenager.

After creating a couple TV series, comprising more than fifty episodes, as well as multiple radio programs, our host still relishes the talk show interview genre more

than ever and enjoys diving headlong into the “depths” of the personal stories of her guests–to sow a seed of hope with the expectation that it will multiply by mirroring “healing” neurons into many lives.

HER STORY [Photograph by Jason D Photography]untitled-design-18

The only child of a hairdresser and a construction worker, following the divorce of her parents, Dyonne spent untold hours at her mother’s salon and was exposed to

head spinning stories detailing the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of life. Dyonne says, “I know people stand to benefit from the therapeutic healing power of a

genuine heart to heart connection. I consider my talk show spiritual alchemy: transforming a loss into a gain or a curse into a blessing. Stories my guests share

celebrate the resiliency of the individual in the face of adversity.” Dyonne’s talk show came about organically in much the same way that a pearl is formed: “In

order to protect itself from irritation, the oyster will quickly begin covering the uninvited visitor with layers of nacre — the mineral substance that fashions the mollusk’s

 shells. Layer upon layer of nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, coat the grain of sand until the iridescent gem is formed.” (LiveScience) Dyonne waxes philosophical:

“I’ve come to see my pain as a prize–an advantage–the price I pay. Empaths make “heart to heart connections” with ease.                                    It’s an edge: I excel because it’s what I’m born to do.

Guests are comfortable opening up to me; the results are vulnerable disclosure and honest dialogue, which are important elements for a

compelling television or radio program.” When Dyonne was a young person her eyes were open to the fact that trauma and disappointment, inevitably comprise a

very real part the human condition.  Privy to intimate chats between her mother, Turnica McGowan, and customers while assisting her mom at Lady Turn Hair Care, Dyonne developed a love for redemption stories.

In time she would host a self-titled television talk show on HopeTV, where guests open up, sharing intimate anecdotes,

about emotional storms weathered, life-threatening risks taken, upending  status quo outcomes. Now, those conversations are continuing, locally, nationwide, and internationally with

The Dyonne Lewis Show’s journalistic “human interest” storytelling model.

Stories are in Dyonne’s DNA; besides acquiring the knack from her momma, childhood hard-wired her to romanticize the heroic discourse to be found in ‘literature of the self.’

Many young people–trying to find themselves–choose to study psychology, Dyonne studied literature for the same purpose:                     it was her lifeline to try and survive the trauma of her early childhood.

Dyonne fed her passion for storytelling with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and post-graduate studies in Broadcast Journalism. A former practicing, ordained, minister of the Gospel — Dyonne realized the elixir qualities of storytelling by counselling callers on her national toll-free prayer line.

Inspired, in the fall of 2013, after meetings with a media consultant on hosting a new talk show hybrid – ‘damning the torpedoes’ – she launched full speed ahead in

production of her daily TV talk show.  Accurate in her assessment that the show would be a force for multiplying hope in the world, the show proves an emergency lifesaver for our enigmatic host, a salve for therapeutic healing to the audience who get blessed, plus a boon for exorcising emotional demons for guests who experience the power of storytelling therapy.

Dee romanticized the heroic discourse to be found in literature of the self for healing trauma of early childhood.



Because “…difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” Winston Churchill


Our guest, Paula, leads a rewarding life today. Her innocence may have been shattered as a child but, by addressing her deepest heart issues, she’s gained freedom.

Symptoms of deep rooted issues worsen when left untreated; addressing the root causes of your issues, and at the same time processing the present-day realities of your situation, will lead to personal revelation.

What is important for positive transformation to occur, is doing the “work” of “self-care.” That is, making the best decisions to support your healing physically, emotionally and mentally.

Don’t want to deal with your life issues? They’re not going anywhere, and will inevitably deal with you – possibly showing up in a multitude of forms – demanding your attention.

Scientifically, it is proven that stress appears in the body as ‘dis-ease.’ Your issues are in your tissues: Dr. Mary Ellen Rose confirms, “…chronic stress will shorten your life and ultimately kill you.”

But what definitely makes a difference when it comes to healing emotionally as well as psychologically, is courage to admit problems, and face challenges ahead with forthrightness.

It also helps to explore themes related to the human condition through stories. Why stories? “Stories are messengers of hope on a freedom journey of empowerment.” Dyonne Lewis

Discussing grinding problems on the show – in other words, the ‘human condition’ – uncovers redemption stories that lay bare, ‘the Dark Night of the Soul.’ Individual enlightenment is a common theme winding through each narrative.

Together host and interviewees mine treasure from real life trials. Tragedy and drama have the power to wear down many and leave jagged edges on some, while yet polishing others.

Even still, a few pass through ‘fiery times’ and experience a personal evolution/revolution which empower them, no doubt, to ‘shine stronger’ because of their ‘heroic journey’.

Everyone goes through trials. Reflecting pensively on the proverbial emotional rollercoaster which utterly turned a guest’s world upside down is what resonates.

It’s the ‘cathartic’ effect. Toxicity in one’s life needs a channel to be processed and eliminated. If we can identify firsthand or indirectly with life issues faced by others – there is a reckoning.

One gains perspective from hearing authentic voices which convey and discuss the human element in adversity.  Where the problem-solving process calls for introspection, reflecting on solutions discovered by others, seem to produce psychological relief on the psyche.


I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. Winston Churchill

DYONNE LEWISuntitled-design-24

Our host’s own story is primarily about struggling with debilitating depression since age twelve. The show was birthed from the host’s desire to finally deal with her grief over her mother’s passing.

She coated her “uninvited visitor” – known as depressive disorder – with years of creative self-expression, all of which culminated in her daytime TV talk show.

When filming began her mood was a three on a scale of one to ten; in other words, she was just barely able to make it out of bed. Thank God she did.

‘Lady T’ of Lady Turn Hair Care passed away at sixty-three years of age following a sudden terminal cancer diagnoses.

When her only child was eleven years old, “Lady T” had enrolled her at Weist Barron School of Television; later her daughter went on to major in TV Production for two years during High School at Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute in the Greater Toronto Area, then there were studies in Broadcast Journalism after she had completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Aspirations aside, coping well with her mother’s passing did not come easily–Dyonne purchased a double internment plot, (“a single plot in which the caskets are buried on top of each other”) was in anticipation of joining her mother, sooner than later.


Sadly, “Lady T’s” daughter still wished to ‘skip the light fantastic’ and ‘beam up to heaven’ to join her mom five years on (If you need help make sure to get help – create a mental health game plan).

Public Safety Health Message: Choose Your Life. 

Choose Junk Journaling

Tired of feeling sidelined by complicated grief, Dyonne decided to try and live her ‘impossible dream.’ She reasoned that if she fell flat on her face, she would be a success just for doing what she really wanted to do, and for putting her heart and soul into something she loved anyway–and which comes naturally to her…

That is, sharing intimate and philosophical conversations with all kinds of interesting people. She rationalized that if she never tried to get her show off the

ground, she would already be defeated – both by the fear of success and by the fear of failure.

Because of deep melancholy, she knew she needed to, ‘to take a risk,’ and make a move big enough that demanded a ‘huge’ commitment on her part in order to ‘motivate herself’ out of her stasis…

…which she likened to being dead in the water (100 Ways To Motivate Yourself – Change Your Life Forever (Audio Book )). So really, our up and coming talk show

host had absolutely nothing to lose. Dee, as she is affectionately known, ‘rolled up her sleeves,’ ‘rolled the dice,’ and ‘got rolling.’


Dyonne began interviewing guests on camera to discover how they turned dirt into gold or life troubles into triumphs. The project became her passion, her therapy, her healing. But help came from unexpected sources such as strangers like Jason D:

— October 12, 2013

“Hi Dyonne,

My name is Jason and I am new to Toronto. I am a professional photographer with just over 20 years of experience. I would like to update my portfolio, offer my

services and provide you with a set of headshots for promotional use at no cost to you. Hope to hear from you.

Enjoy your weekend,



Jason D.

Jason’s photographs were used in the opening for her twelve self-produced television episodes as well as the intro for the eighteen episodes produced in association with VisionTV ZoomerMedia.

There was also the mystery man (zero social media footprint) from Sydney, Australia: Chris Williamson. After chancing upon his “branding” website by

accident, she filled out the online form with her idea for a new TV show – asking for help. The two ended up working together.

Chris called her by phone and they spent a month talking “shop” – fleshing out logistics – always timing their conversations to take into consideration the 14-hour

time difference between New South Wales, Australia and The Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

These talks culminated in a pilot and she sent a DVD copy to Australia for Chris to view. He convinced her not to name the program The Doyenne Show which was a

play on the letters in her name. “Go with The Dyonne Lewis Show,” Chris said. And so she did.

She hosted-produced, directed, then created and edited a lot of the original TV commercials- while her husband, Phil Lewis, got advertisers on board.

Working frantically – Dee self-produced a dozen episodes of the show when it aired on HopeTV. Then there was a ‘roadblock’ during post-production – and experiencing

burn-out, it so happened that she wrote an email to cancel her contract with ZoomerMedia. But as though guided by providence – in the stars was a break from VisionTV.

Joan Jenkinson and Dominic Sciullo proposed ‘partnering’ – to produce the show in association with, Liberty Media Productions, her company.

These developments had come to the fore during the first month that The Dyonne Lewis Show launched. After the pilot plus two episodes were produced at the

Zoomerplex, Dominic went to his boss, Moses Znamier, to have the project ‘green lit’ for future episodes.

And that’s when the show became “a thousand times better,” as her media contact, Tore Stautland, prophesied. That suited Dyonne just fine as she had been praying,

and confessing the scripture verse, Deuteronomy 1:11, for a breakthrough in her life, ever since the year 2000 – the same year she first met her mentor and next-door neighbor, Spider Jones.

Spider Jones is the award-winning broadcaster and three-time Golden Glove champion who sparred with “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali and was a celebrity contributor on the show in its premiere season.

Many years before hand, regularly Spider came across his neighbour in the city of Pickering, and always had a word of encouragement for her: telling Dyonne, “When you have your show, I’ll be on it.”

Not only was Spider on the show, Dominic Sciullo gave Spider his own ‘weigh in’ on every episode. And that is how team-work made the dream work for Dyonne’s nationally televised daytime talk show.




                                                THANK YOU PRODUCTION PARTNERS