Religious Programming

motivational-videos-4Since 2002 Dyonne Lewis has been a presenter in Canada with the following religious broadcasters:

  • Vision TV
  • Joy TV
  • Hope TV – Rebranded as Faith TV
  • Grace TV – Rebranded as Daystar Television Canada
  • The Christian Channel – Rebranded as Grace TV
  • The Miracle Channel

The Dyonne Lewis Show selected Original Episodes:

  1. Resilient As A ‘Weed’ – Paula – Sexual Abuse Survivor: She Learned Strength from Weakness, After Ditching Her Suicide Plan and Making a Game Plan
  2. Miracle Of Prayer – Anthony Nelson – Christian Minister: “War Room” like Prayer Saved Him from a Watery Grave at the Bottom of a Swimming Pool
  3. Dominos Of Devastation – Shelley Jarrett – Image Consultant: She Faced the Death of Her Husband, Loss of Home and Livelihood During Economic Downturn of 2008 and Transformed Herself with Hope 
  4. Peaceful Space – Jordana Leventhal – Interior Designer: She Discusses the Importance of Having a ‘Peaceful Space’ to Support Mental Health
  5. Love Yourself – Patricia Keith – Clinical Therapist & Counsellor: She Helps Clients Overcome Low Self-Esteem and Navigate Body Image Struggles
  6. Man Without a Face – Johnnie, Entrepreneur: Former University Scholarship Recipient turned Murderer Becomes a Lay Christian Bible Scholar and Successful Entrepreneur
  7. Jesus In The City – Ayanna Soloman, Founder Jesus in the City Parade: Talks Improbable Call to Ministry and Parade Success Against Many Odds
  8. Let Them Eat Manna – Robert Edwards – Outreach Minister: Lost the Roof Over His Head, While Trying to Meet His Own Needs He Started Feeding the Homeless
  9. The Beautiful Game – Jeff Hackett – Former Footballer (Soccer); Coach/Scout Gives Toronto Area Kids a Shot for a Trial in the UK to Eventually Go Pro in the Sport.
  10. She’s A Diva – Allison Harvey – The Networking Diva: Keeps The Faith by Spearheading ‘Woman On Fire’ Events, To Celebrate Women in All Their ‘Fabulosity’
  11.  Making It Work – Jilian Saweczko – Immigrant and Original ‘Tupperware’ and ‘Pre-Paid Legal’ Rep Talks Tips for the Self-Employed Community
  12. She’s The Boss – Stacy-Ann Buchanan – Model/Actress/Producer: Suffering Anxiety, and Facing a Shortage of Diverse Acting Roles, She Founded ‘The Mystic Effect’ Multi-Media Fashion Show Extravaganza

Season 2 Episodes: Available upon request