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“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

― Gospel of Thomas

Dyonne Lewis is an exceptional storyteller. Sure she is both a Co-executive Producer behind the camera and a digital storyteller, hosting in front of the camera–and that is very much on par with the nature of the television industry. What makes Dyonne outstanding is her willingness to draw on the “Selfie” model of video journalism pioneered in 1988 by Dominic Sciullo, who was commissioned by Moses Znaimer the co-founder of CityTV to file five-plus stories weekly, writing, shooting, reporting, and editing a three-minute TV News piece to air nightly, as a one-man-band.

Dyonne adapted the concept for her eponymous TV talk show series and was crazy enough to believe that it was possible that she could pull it off. Her chutzpah caught the attention of Mr. Sciullo and Mr. Znaimer from VisionTV. They proposed a partnership in 2014 and after working with the network to create a pilot which was greenlit for future productions, Dyonne was trained by Mr. Sciullo who taught her the television talk-show format which she follows for The Dyonne Lewis Show to this very day. In season five Dyonnee has returned to holding credit as the audio technician, lighting director, camera operator, scriptwriter, host, and editor for the long-form version of The Dyonne Lewis Show TV program.

As an Independent Television Producer, Dyonne brings stories to life as if her life depends on it. She recognized that having a CRTC license is a privilege giving her access to an important media platform that can have a genuine benefit to affect and influence the trajectory of people’s lives by creating content that is a force for good in society.

Dyonne is a microphone for the unheard, an abacus for the uncounted, and a civic telejournalist for the politically alienated–Storytelling is Ms. Lewis’s superpower–infusing citizens with confidence and high self-esteem to share their truths.

A victim of abuse may suffer initially, but the second victimization occurs when, as a survivor, he or she is told to shut up and just transcend their experiences.

Too many people carry secrets which render them ineffective in pursuing their dreams, as they languish in self-doubt outside the corridors of power.

Although Dyonne was told to shut-up, she dared to speak up and to help others to tell their stories in order to multiply hope in the world–through The Dyonne Lewis Show– by encouraging people to lead courageous lives and to free themselves from being prisoners of their pasts.

The show offers perspective to anyone who happens to catch themselves feeling like a passenger in the vehicle of their own life.

Authentic stories remove the lethal drip of shame/guilt that destroys confidence and self-esteem.
By encouraging the active participation of different people groups in Canadian society, Dyonne has been weaving together a significant tapestry of personal stories across cultures, generations, ethnicities, races, and classes, to promote intercultural and interfaith understanding and dialogue to break down stereotypes and barriers of negative media programming which hampers the self-actualization of marginalized communities.

Rising up from a past rooted in the lived experiences of early childhood physical abuse, run-of-the-mill racial discrimination, panic attacks, debilitating depression, complicated grief, traumatic alienation due to institutionalized anti-mental-illness discrimination, and ongoing mental health challenges–Dyonne Lewis set out to find answers by firing off questions to create instant rapport for people to utilize a FREE platform.

When a guest opens up about a plot twist in their life which has led to a blessed revelation that created room in their heart for healing–that is essentially what The Dyonne Lewis Show is all about– healing humanity one story at a time.

The Dyonne Lewis Show is a VisionTV media asset.
Co-Executive Producers: Dyonne Lewis, Dominic Sciullo, Moses Znaimer

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