Dyonne Lewis Collection

In the ordinary conduct of its Nonprofit TV Ministry, The Dyonne Lewis Show is pivotal in the launch of an Online Charity Shopping Mall–a social enterprise that aims to maximize sales while also maximizing benefits to society.  Proceeds  create “Opportunity Self-Employment” for persons with an invisble disability like Anxiety or Depression who encounter significant barriers to retaining and sustaining mainstream employment.  An example of a social enterprise is Goodwill Industries, and in like manner the Charity Shopping Mall operates.  Consider consciously shopping for a cause at The Serve Group.

Our VisionTV’s On-Air host, Dyonne Lewis, is The Serve Group’s dedicated media spokesperson.  More than that, by faith, Dyonne has been redeemed from a life-long mental health struggle with debiliating depression as well as suicide ideation, and now anxiety-panic attacks, as well as bipolar I.  She considered stepping back to the pulpit in answer to the call of God on her life, yet realized the healing power of storytelling is where she is most effective as she relies on the spirit of the Lord to help her deliver messages of Mental Health Care and Spiritual Healing as well as racial, religious, cultural and ethnic harmony.

Dyonne’s hand-picked capsule collection promotes a message to multiply hope in the world.  The robust product line includes Fashion, Home Decor, Streetwear, Sporting Goods, Beauty Supply & Jewelry for championing mental health educational initiatives.  Meanwhile, Pastor Dyonne’s personal mental health revelations, curated discussions, and counseling conversations embrace the very heart of Mental Wellness and the GOOD NEWs message for the world. Proceeds support an international talk show with a great social cause of uplifting the human spiritual condition.