Dyonne Lewis Collection

In the ordinary conduct of its charitable TV Ministry, The Dyonne Lewis Show created an Online Charity Shopping Mall that it can exploit as a volunteer-run related business that is advertised during the commercial breaks on the program. The charity carries out its TV Ministry not in order to run the Online Charity Shopping Mall but to achieve its charitable purpose. The related business is simply a by-product of the charity’s TV Ministry.  The Serve Group is the exclusive Online Charity Shopping Mall of The Dyonne Lewis Show.

Our VisionTV’s On-Air host, Dyonne Lewis, is The Serve Group’s dedicated media spokesperson.  More than that, by faith, Dyonne has been redeemed from a life-long mental health struggle with debiliating depression as well as suicide ideation, and more recently anxiety-panic attacks.  She is stepping back to the pulpit in answer to the call of God on her life, as she relies on the spirit of the Lord to help her deliver messages of Mental Health Care and Spiritual Healing.

Dyonne’s hand-picked capsule goes towards supporting a message that multiplies hope on the earth. The collection includes product lines from Fashion, Home Decor, Streetwear, Sporting Goods, Beauty Supply & Jewelry for championing mental health initiatives. Meanwhile, Pastor Dyonne’s personal mental health revelations, curated discussions, and counseling conversations embrace the very heart of Mental Wellness.

Shop Dyonne’s handpicked items at The Serve Group.  Proceeds support an international talk show with a great cause: the GOOD NEWs.  Thank you in advance for helping us shine the light of faith.