Dyonne Lewis Collection

The Serve Group is the exclusive Charity Shopping Partner of

Dyonne Lewis’ charitable campaign, Orchids for Anxiety, which is reframing the issue with relevant, interesting, timely and entertaining stories.

Orchids for Anxiety

Our VisionTV’s On-Air host, Dyonne Lewis, is The Serve Group’s dedicated media spokesperson. Her hand-picked capsule collection includes product lines from Fashion, Home Decor, Streetwear, Sporting Goods, Beauty Supply & Jewelry for championing mental health initiatives. Meanwhile, Dyonne’s outreach programs, curated discussions, and counseling conversations embrace the very heart of this pressing international issue. We know that hearing is caring. For optimal mental health, people benefit from meaningful support and connection.  This invisible “disablility” is widely misunderstood and stigmatized and those who have been challenged gain relief from stories of people with similar life experiences. Nobody should have to suffer alone.

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Shop Dyonne’s handpicked Fall/ 2019 Collection at wholesale prices at The Serve Group. Proceeds support an international talk show with a great cause: the GOOD NEWs.  Thank you in advance for helping us shine a light in the world.