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The Dyonne Lewis Show is happy to give props for the contribution of those businesses which help us achieve good success.  Their support is empowering.

Edge Studio: ~ Script Timer 

Drop Send: ~ Send Large Files with Ease

Vanan Services: ~ Captioning & More

Online Stopwatch: ~ Online Stopwatch 

Ontario Staging Limited: 

Word Counter: ~ Counts Words 

Spell Check: ~ Checks Spelling 

Grammar Check: ~ Checks Grammar

Royalty Free Images: ~ Get Images

Youtube Downloader: ~ Get Downloads

Meeting Space: ~ Affordable Office Rentals 

Online Video & Audio Converter ~ Convert Files with Ease

Audio Shop Talk ~ Windscreens “…are used as protection against “pops,” the kind of noises that happen inside studios when certain speech sounds such as Ps and Bs hit the microphone membrane at close distance. These speech sounds are also called “plosives,” because they are created by releasing a small blast of air. Pop screens are designed for this problem.”

Basic Editing in FCPX

9 Beginner Tips for Editing in Final Cut Pro X | Video Editing Tutorial

Direct Feed from Camcorder to Projector

Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 How to properly Update

Run Final Cut Pro X From An External Hard Drive