Liberty Media Productions drives original content development for The Dyonne Lewis Show.

In a new partnership with Better Days TV (Ministry) Network, The Dyonne Lewis Show is produced at Liberty Studios in East Toronto, otherwise known as Scarborough. 

The Greater Toronto Area’s Liberty Media Productions has been a boutique brand since 2005, and its flagship program came about as a result of a one-of-a-kind production deal with VisionTV, the creator of The Dyonne Lewis Show.

Make no mistake, the parent company is an award-winning upmarket international television network. The new season breaks from the traditional interview format with our own Dyonne Lewis introducing a rotating line-up of Ministers of the Gospel: The Good Medicine Project. 

A huge Thank you to The Dyonne Lewis Show collaborators since 2014:

  • Thunderbird Productions 
  • N5 Pictures
  • Variety Store Productions
  • Clixter Canada [Video Production for TV & Web]