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Nutrition Therapy: We Are Always Cooking Up Something Good On The Show


Our cooking show–now greenlit for production–is about bio-hacking your way to optimal health.  Nutritional deficiencies can mimic both ailments, illnesses and if not checked, develop minor issues into major stressors.  Canada’s New Food Guide puts greater emphasis on plant-based foods for ideal health.  What delicious vegan or vegetarian entrée are you crafting to make your taste buds do the hokey pokey?  Share your recipe.  Meatless dishes are the new star of the show.   Biohacking Resource Guide

“At the very foundation of a modern pharmacy, herbs and spices play important historic and modern roles. Traditional remedies are now typically backed by modern science, thus bridging the gap from antiquity to current times. Allspice and nutmeg, two traditional seasonings and medicines, maintain their place in both the kitchen and the medicine cabinet.” [Healthy Benefits of Allspice & Nutmeg:]

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Decor Matador Room Makeover Therapy

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Decor Matador: Room Makeover Therapy

Open Casting Call:

Participate in VisionTV Canada’s, Dyonne’s Decor Therapy Special Edition

Would you be interested in participating in a discussion on air about the therapeutic benefits of completing a room makeover, as a symbolic gesture to mark a new phase in your life journey?

Whether experiencing a planned or unexpected transition, you can take the bull by its metaphorical horns and conquer the beast (of opportunity) by milking your artistic DIY skills for all it’s worth.  Much like art therapy, decor therapy is a means of  “personal creative expression” which promotes self-love and self-care while facilitating individual transcendence to higher “spiritual” ground.  Decor therapy can contribute to emotional healing.  It’s a combination of letting go and holding on. Releasing those things which no longer serve your highest good, while treasuring all good things that bless your heart.

Redecorate and celebrate your life.  Enjoy some original DIY ideas for repurposing and upcycling any room in your home.

Unleash your inner “decor matador.”  Create a sanctuary that is conducive to sustainable restoration and healing.

You will have access to knowledge enjoyed by award-winning interior design and decorating experts and one-on-one “Decor Therapy” consultation with yours truly, Dyonne.

It’s like having your very own personal decorating therapist.

Dyonne would love to inspire the interior decorator in you with practical tips to transform any room in your home to put a BIG smile in your heart and on your face.

Are you up for this challenge?

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CASE STUDY: Bernadette

Decor Therapy Resource Guide

Room Makeover: Master bedroom

Who: Middle-age married woman with two teenagers.

What: Depressive disorder which manifests as “extreme mess” mirroring her sense of self (she subconsciously sees herself as permanently messed up from childhood trauma).

How: She’s dividing the room into 12 sections representing major parts of her body.

Then: She’s gifted each body part with a desirable attribute which she wishes to strengthen within herself.

Why: Bernadette knows the reason why this transformation is important to her:

It is because she desires to reach higher heights of personal development so that she can be a greater blessing to her family, community and the world at large but she’s literally tripping over her own mess and has to address this challenge directly in order to spiritually grow to ascend both her painful past,  and chaotic way of showing up in the world.

Affirmation: She is repeating a positive statement which resonates with her Christian faith.

Example, “I’m blessed to be a blessing and to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Decor Therapy Process:

  1. Snap “Before” Pictures
  2.  Choose a piece of furniture in the room to represent your “Creative Hands”. Bernadette chose a desk.  Be sure to focus on a single area at a time.  Bernadette started with the mess both on top of, and beneath the desk.  With this task complete, she notices that a sense of accomplishment begins to set in.
  3. Her mattress offers very good support for her to have a strong backbone.  Taking a page from “Colour Therapy,” with the bed as the focal point of the room, the top mattress is going to be adorned with a velvety fitted sheet, in the color orange which is symbolic of endurance and strength and also represents, happiness, success, and determination.
  4. The headboard is a status symbol denoting education, both book smarts and street smarts, knowledge and understanding are important to crafting a quality life. At this stage in her journey, Bernadette prizes the importance of keeping a cool and clear head, whether or not conditions are favorable.
  5. Lamps are important to light our path. The word of God is a lamp unto the feet.
  6. Windows are eyes into the world representing opportunities.
  7. Doors represent boundaries
  8. Armoires represent where we want to go and dreams for the future.