Welcome to WeCoachYou2.com with yours truly, Dyonne Lewis, and her team of hand-picked, master coaches.  This dynamic life Coaching Service is designed to provide guidance and direction for lasting transformative change.

How About Considering a 100 Day Challenge?

WeCoachYou2.com would like to guide you on a journey to keep moving  for 100 days with by incorporating physical activity into your life.  Brothas and Sistahs enter your promised land. World-class performers have a coach for a reason. Identifying a goal is one thing. Coaching is another. The right coach helps you to reach your goal. Contact.

Get Fit

 “The more in harmony you are with yourself, the easier it is to increase your faith. Faith is not to disconnect you from reality – it connects you to reality. ” Paulo Coelho


While you focus on embracing a healthy lifestyle, Dyonne helps you with accountability to reach your goals.  

And you can rest assured that you have someone in your corner supporting you throughout the process, who is attentive and encourages you to stay the course.

Eat Right


Setting out on a journey to transform your life from the inside out, is easier with a coach.  Sometimes there are potholes, roadblocks, detours or other obstruction.  It can be better to find one’s way, avoid detours or to get unstuck when someone is in your corner cheering you on.

Dyonne helps you to free yourself from barriers so that you keep moving forward on your path–no matter what.

Goal Focused Counseling


Fearing success is a mindset that will steal dreams: its twin, fear of failure, runs the same number.  Don’t even get started about low self-esteem and low self-worth–the biggest dream killers, by far.

Start Your Own TV Show

What does goal setting have to do with counseling? Emotional triggers can unwittingly lead to self-sabotage.  A professional counselor is astute at helping to identify areas of challenge.

Sometimes a woman or a man has a dream s/he fails to pursue, whatever the reason.  It could be that she is emotionally blocked or maybe it’s a financial impediment holding one back.”

Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.” –Pope John XXIII

Write Your Book

 After all, is said and done, it just doesn’t matter what reason you have for not accomplishing your goal before now.  It’s time to break free of every excuse and fulfill for your dream.  This is your life, and WeCoachYou2.com began in 2014 to help you realize your full potential. [Potential Hacking] Reach out to us.

Decorate Like the Pros

World-class performers choose the right coach to manage their talent because it’s one thing to have “The Call” and it’s completely another to answer “The Call.”

Actors Coaching

A coach that is the perfect fit will help you with growth hacking personal or professional milestones–speedily.  Reach out and find out if Dyonne, or anyone of her master coaches, is the ONE for you.  Set up a FREE discovery phone call: make contact.

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